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ALIGNE: Classic, Sustainable Fashion You'll Love

and with inclusive sizing 6-22!

Aligne is a brand that offers classic pieces you'll want to wear for years to come. With styles that are effortless, sustainably made and created to last, Aligne stands out in the conscious fashion space. With their commitment to eco-friendly practices, transparency, and timeless designs, Aligne has carved a niche for itself among fashion enthusiasts who value both aesthetics and ethics. Offering oversized styles you can wear through pregnancy and beyond, tailored pieces and sell-out coats, Aligne is one of the brands we are shopping this autumn!

A Brand Ethos Rooted in Sustainability

Aligne's ethos is not just about creating beautiful clothes but also about ensuring that they're crafted responsibly. Every piece speaks of a commitment to the environment - from the sourcing of sustainable materials to ensuring ethical manufacturing practices.

Modern Designs for the Contemporary Woman

Aligne's timeless designs resonate with the modern woman - chic, versatile, and perfect for everything from a day at work, throwing a blazer on top of your jeans for a playdate to an evening out. The Aligne Boucle Dress is perfect for over your growing baby bump and can be worn postpartum oversized or with a waist-belt added and their Oversized Boyfriend Blazer is a cult favourite that can be thrown over jeans, trousers, joggers and is sure to elevate any outfit from the park to dinner with friends.

Buying clothes that are well made, timeless and sustainable is something more and more of us are looking for. Creating beautiful pieces that last and stand the test of time is what Aligne offers and why customers love the brand.

Aligne is a movement towards responsible fashion, towards creating pieces that don't just look good but also do good. For those who are conscious about their fashion choices and want to make a difference with every purchase, Aligne is the brand to watch out for.

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