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Carol Recommends - Cannabotech Cleansing Balm

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There's nothing better than getting home and washing the day off, especially when you've been exploring the city with little ones during the summer holidays! Washing away the day leaves you feeling fresh and clean before settling down for the evening but did you know that not every face cleanser washes away the pollution from your skin, too?

The Cannabotech Cleansing Balm has been specially formulated to do just that and help to repair skin damage, with a key focus on fighting free radicals and the negative effects of pollution on your skin. Some of the negative effects of pollution on the skin include premature ageing, inflammation of the skin and damage to the skin barrier - definitely not ideal!

The mushroom-infused cleansing balm nourishes your skin leaving it feeling youthful, hydrated and soft whilst also feeding your skin with essential antioxidants and CBD which helps to soothe any redness. The balm-to-milk texture is soothing and easily melts away impurities, makeup and pollution so you can gently melt the day away. As described by Cannabotech, the cleansing balm also:

  • Promotes deep hydration – through a blend of functional mushrooms known as effective antioxidants, including Reishi, Enokitake, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail.

  • To further supercharge its effects on your skin health, our cleansing balm includes premium CBD oil which reduces the appearance of redness.

  • The unique combination of functional mushrooms, work as antioxidants to moisturise, while CBD oil as an anti-redness element.

  • Together, they leave your skin supercharged, and looking healthy.

We love Cannabotech and their Wellness products. They have a brilliant blog on all things Wellness that we're sure you will love! Check out our article about their Beauty Sleep Drops here.

If you are pregnant/breastfeeding it isn't advised to use any products containing CBD and certain essential oils/mushroom blends. It's important to remember if you are pregnant/breastfeeding always speak to your health professional before trying new products.

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