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Carol Recommends - Tropicfeel

currently 25% off!

If you're looking for the ultimate backpack that can take you from a day out with the kids to a weekend away or a long trip, look no further than Tropicfeel. Boasting over 13,000 4*+ reviews, an avid following and high quality products, Tropicfeel have you covered. Tropicfeel have a range of backpacks suitable for a range of needs of Modern Day Travelers, all of which are waterproof, durable and made ethically and sustainably. All the backpacks by Tropicfeel have different ranges of versatility and are all able to expand to meet your needs. As the backpacks are aesthetically pleasing in their design, they are versatile in their use. Tropicfeel has four different backpack styles: The Shell, The Nest, The Hive, and The Cruiser. All of the different styles suit different kind of adventures. Our top pick to take you from the office to travelling with the family / a day trip would have to be the Tropicfeel Shell Backpack and here's why: The Shell has a separate “kangaroo pouch” that expands from the bottom of the backpack to store things that you want to keep separate from the rest of your backpack - for example iPads, kids snacks, colouring books, activities etc.

We love the design feature of The Shell in that it's opening gives you easy access to the inside of the backpack without having to pull everything out which is something we always actively look for in a backpack, especially when you are travelling with little ones and need ease and efficiency.

One of the most popular features of the Shell backpack is the way that it easily expands - it goes from an everyday bag to one you can take travelling with the family (20L - 42L expansion in seconds!) This bag is amazing for families and as it takes you from day trip to travelling or weekend trips, it's worth the money and perfect for travel lovers looking who are conscious about the items they use.

Overall, Tropicfeel describes their Tropicfeel Shell Backpack as “a backpack for a lifetime.” Tropicfeel claim that they have successfully combined the ergonomic benefits of a large hiking pack with the portability and minimalist design of a daily use pack through the Shell and we couldn't agree more!

The Shell is an excellent bag for families looking for a bag with organisation, the ability to expand, is waterproof, has separate pouches and has a wide range of use cases. In addition to this, Tropicfeel also sells attachments that can be added to the front of any of their backpacks to help personalise your bag - for example their Tech Pouch or Toiletry bag. These additional attachments can't be removed easily which means no accidents from little ones pulling at them!

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