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Community Questions - Best Prams!

"Hi There! Please could you share your top prams that you have used and personally liked? We need to get our first pram and we really don't know where to start! TIA."

This has been the most common question we have received over the Christmas break - so you aren't alone with this! There are so many prams out there it can feel almost impossible to know which one to go for!

Some important points to note are that the NHS guidance on pushchairs is that they are only suitable for young babies if they have 'fully reclining seats so your baby can lay flat' and to wait until your little one can sit by themselves before using an elevated pushchair/ any other type other than laying flat. We would recommend getting a Pram that also has a newborn system so you are covered from birth - toddler!

Our number 1 pram is without doubt the Babyzen Yoyo+- £386. The Yoyo comes with a newborn system and can then be used until your little one is a toddler! The Yoyo is very light, brilliant for travelling, fits down the aisle of the airplane and easily folded into the overhead locker. The Yoyo is also car seat compatible, very compact in size and very easy to fold down.

The Yoyo is brilliant for those living in the city or a flat as it's so compact and light!

The second pram we would recommend is the Bugaboo Chameleon 3 - £556 - The Bugaboo Chameleon can be used from birth to age 3 and comes with the newborn bassinet attachment. The Chameleon is versatile, can be used for city or country living, is sturdy and hard wearing and is a smooth ride for your baby. The Chameleon has an easy fold system and we have used ours daily since our son was born (he's now over 2!).

Third and at a slightly higher price point is the iCandy Peach - £1,199 - The iCandy Peach is sturdy, stylish and due to the ease of being able to remove the carrycot, recline the seat and add a car seat, the Peach is one of the easiest travel systems on the market in our opinion! The iCandy Peach is great for long walks and has very durable tyres, is comfortable for baby and is a dream to push!

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