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Community Questions - Cradle Cap!

"Is there a product you can recommend to help with cradle cap? Thank you!"

For getting rid of cradle cap on your little one we would recommend the Kokoso Happy Scalp Cream and Baby Bath Brush.

The Kokoso Happy Scalp Cream is made with organic coconut oil, aloe vera and celery seed extract which helps to soothe irritation, reduce sebum production and help to remove cradle cap. We would recommend using the Kokoso in the morning and evening for a couple of days and massaging it into your little ones scalp.

The Baby Bath Brush helps to brush away cradle cap and we use it on baby's scalp once the happy scalp cream had been gently rubbed onto their head. The Baby Bath Brush is suer soft, made from food-grade silicone and is great for removing cradle cap!

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