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Community Questions - Postpartum Backache

"My back is so achey after having my little one. I'm 7 weeks PP and have been signed off to start exercising again, do you have any tips for helping with postpartum backache that you found useful?"

Postpartum backache is a common condition experienced by many women after giving birth. It's often caused by the physical stress of pregnancy and labour, as well as the postural changes that occur during pregnancy. Here are some tips that helped us with PP backache and that you may find helpful, (remember to always consult with your health professional before starting to exercise again after having your baby).

  1. Practice good posture: Make sure you are standing, sitting, and lifting properly to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your back muscles.

  2. Percko : We recently discovered the brand Percko and cannot recommend them enough to help with postpartum backache. Their everyday vest to help with back pain (Lyne UP) is brilliant, we started gradually using it from 6 weeks PP and it really helped with backache and back muscle soreness. Read our full write up on the Lyne UP here.

  3. Exercise: Start with gentle exercises, such as walking or pelvic floor exercises, to strengthen your core and back muscles.

  4. Rest and relax: Take frequent breaks to rest and relax your back muscles. We loved a warm bath and a massage to help with backache when time allowed!

Remember to always consult with your doctor if you have persistent or severe back pain.

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