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Community Questions - Potty Training!

'We are about to start potty training and need some tips - my first time doing this and feels overwhelming!'

All children are ready to potty train at different times, it's important to note this! If you have noticed signs such as telling you when they need to go, wanting to be changed as soon as they have been, an interest in their potty, then your little one may be ready!

There is often a thought that potty training takes 4/5 days and then it's done, when in reality, it can take up to a year for your little one to be fully potty trained and it all depends on how well your child communicates, their self awareness about their body and that they understand the time it will take to get them to the bathroom. As it can take up to a year for a child to be fully potty trained, we want to be incredibly patient with our little ones as they are learning and developing.

Choosing the right time is important - during a less busy time of the year when you have more time to be consistent with your little one with using their potty. For example, over Christmas probably isn't the best idea if you have a lot of family and friends events going on!

The key to potty training is consistency. Your potty training plan at home should extend to when you're out of the house too and if your little one is in daycare, make sure you speak to them and explain what you have been doing to encourage potty training and if they could please do the same to keep consistent.

Some parents find rewards helpful - mini m&m's seem to be a favourite - promising your little one a mini m&m when they successfully go to the toilet in their potty is often a tactic some parents use and find successful - find what works for you!

Make potty training fun! Some parents use a timer every 30 minutes so that their little one knows that when it goes off, it's potty time!

Get a travel potty for when you're out and about and on the road. This can help little ones feel more comfortable going to the potty when out about.

Changing your little one out of nappies and buying big boy/girl pants also works for some parents. Spending a day at home with your little one in cotton pants, not nappies, and when they go to the toilet in them, you change the pants and sit them on the potty. After 5/6 times of this, some parents say that they then get the hang of it and understand they should go to the toilet on the potty.

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