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Community Questions - Pregnancy Pillows.

"Can you share which pregnancy pillow you used? There's too many to choose from and not sure what I'm really looking for."

Pregnancy pillows were such a life saver throughout our pregnancies, they can really help with easing back discomfort which can often keep you awake during the night throughout your second and third trimester. A pregnancy pillow is a sleep aid that is designed to help support your bump, back, bum, legs and neck.

There are so many out there and it can be hard to know which are actually worth it, so we have compiled our top pregnancy pillows that we found helpful through our pregnancies, hope this helps!

bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow - £137.70

Microbean Maternity Sleep Pillow - £39.00

Kally Sleep Body Pillow - £39.00

sleepdove Big U Pillow - £18.95

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