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Community Questions - Rainy Day Activities with Toddlers

'The weather is cold and rainy now, what do you mums do with your toddlers inside to keep them entertained?'

Lots of Arts and Crafts keep our little ones busy when the weather is cold and miserable!

Things like painting, scrap book making with stickers and coloured pencils, drawing!

Playdough always goes down well but can get quite messy so it depends on your space and if you don't mind the mess!

Playing with toys and getting all the toys out and letting the little ones explore!

A little bit of TV is also nice to relax and cuddle up to watch a film with your little one!

Nursery Rhymes and dancing with your toddler, also burns some energy!

Getting them wrapped up in waterproofs and wellies and getting them outside, my little one loves jumping in the puddles and as long as they are wrapped up and have wellies on, it's good to get some fresh air and play outside!

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