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Community Questions - Sleep

"I'm wondering if you have any tips for helping with sleep? My toddler is 2 1/2 and has been sleeping through the night for months now but I still find myself struggling to fall asleep and staying asleep!"

We get this question a lot from our community, it's so frustrating especially when your little one is sleeping through and you could (finally) get your sleep back! A product that we would recommend looking at is the KLORIS Sleep Patches which have incredible reviews, are made from 100% natural ingredients and have been crafted to help you fall asleep faster, improve sleep quality and diminish the symptoms of jet lag! The KLORIS sleep patches help to naturally promote a restorative sleep with no groggy feeling when you wake. The KLORIS Sleep Patches won the ELLE Future of Beauty Award 2023 and for good reason!

The ingredients for the sleep patches have been carefully selected for their properties so that if you find you have difficulty sleeping - for example because of a sleep disorder - they may help you to fall asleep quicker and then stay asleep, resulting in a good night's rest without the groggy after-effects that some sleep aids may induce, or the side effects of hormone-based solutions like melatonin supplements or melatonin patches.

The KLORIS Sleep Patches contain CBD, valerian, passion flower, and hops, and are a revolutionary solution for insomnia sufferers. These patches provide a natural and effective solution that stands out from traditional supplements. Unlike pills or capsules that can take time to digest and may not be fully absorbed by the body, KLORIS patches are transdermal, meaning they're delivered through the skin and directly into the bloodstream.

The patches are so easy to use too, simply stick one patch on your skin (in a hairless spot such as your wrist or waist) around 30 minutes before bed, and get ready for the sleep of your dreams. KLORIS currently have an offer on where you can use the code 'SLEEP15' at checkout for 15% off your order!

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