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Community Questions - Travel must haves!

'We are heading away for some winter sun - can you please share some of the travel must haves you use when you travel with little ones?'

Of course! We try to travel as light as possible especially with little ones - they tend to wear swim stuff in the day that's so easy to wash so we don't take loads of clothes for them just staples that work well in outfits together.

Some of our travel must haves when going overseas with our little ones are:

SnuzShade - amazing for daytime naps and is a staple in our house when we are in the UK or abroad for afternoon naps when out and about. SO worth the money!

Travel Pram - there are a number of different ones available. We're loving the Silver Cross Clic at the moment - sturdy, cabin approved and affordable and currently 20% off!

Baby Carrier - we always take our baby carrier for our littlest - it makes it so much easier at the airport and when travelling! We love the Baby Bjorn One and have used it for all our kids!

Child's Farm SPF - we love this SPF and it's the best we have tried for little ones.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottles - these self sterilising bottles are a game changer - if you're bottle feeding we highly recommend taking these. They self sterilise in a microwave (if where you are staying has one) and means you don't need to take a load of sterilising gear.

Hope that helps!

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