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Download your free Hospital Bag Checklist below!

Feeling overwhelmed with what to take to the hospital with you for the birth of your baby? We've got you covered! The Team at Carol have compiled the essentials into a straight forward PDF, with what you actually need, not the many unnecessary items that you may have heard you need.

'After feeling lost from seeing all the different lists of 'things to take to the hospital', this Hospital Bag Checklist is so straight forward, contains the essentials and would highly recommend it!' -  Charly

Click here to download

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Meet Carol. The free app connecting and supporting thousands' of mums throughout their motherhood journey. Connect with other likeminded mums, build your community and access expert-led resources across pregnancy, postpartum, baby sleep, baby feeding, baby development and the early years.You don't have to go through motherhood alone. Carol is here for you.

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Questions in the Community

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