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About Us

Carol is here to offer you the ability to meet mums in relatable situations, to make real, genuine connections and friends who are going through a similar experience as you. Being a parent can be lonely, but being a parent raising children without a support system is even more challenging.

Our Story

They say it takes a 'village' to raise a child. That's what our founder, Holly, kept getting told when she was pregnant with her son but she knew this wasn't going to be her reality. Her mum passed away when she was 17 and she had no real support system or family living close by to her in London. When her son was 1, her partners mother also tragically passed away meaning that there really was no 'village' or key support system around them to help raise their son. Unfortunately for many other families, that 'village' is also not a reality. 


Having no support system around her to help raise her son, Holly was looking to find other mums raising children without a key support system around thembut found there was no place for her to meet relatable mums. This is where Carol was born. Holly wanted to create a place where mums could find their relatable community, have honest conversations, make friends in similar situations and get Motherhood advice in one place and all for free.

Community is essential to maternal health, happiness and wellbeing. This is why our mission at Carol is to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of mums by connecting and supporting mums throughout their motherhood journey so they know they are not alone. Whether you're a single mum, a mum raising children without your own parents, living a long distance away from your support system, want to meet your mum community or find expert led advice across Motherhood, we've got you. 

Carol offers free resources from experts within the child and baby space, across Pregnancy, Postpartum, Baby Sleep, Baby Feeding, Baby Development and The Early Years. 

'I spent months trawling the internet finding pieces of advice to help me raise my son as I had no mother or support system to ask even the simplest of questions to. Carol provides one space where mums can come together to offer support and advice to one another, and get expert led content across a wide range of topics from pregnancy through to the early years.'

- Holly

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