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  • Community Questions - Baby Skincare?

    "What baby skin care would you recommend? There's so many options!" This is such a broad question and there are so many factors to consider! Babies' skin is much more sensitive than adults' (5 times more sensitive!) and taking care of your little ones delicate skin is quite a complex topic. For the first month of your babies' life, it is recommended to only use water on your little ones skin and to especially avoid any products that contain perfumes, artificial colours, parabens, sulphates, phthalates. We also changed all of our washing powder to natural powder (Bambino Mio) when we had our little ones, and still use this now our children are toddlers! Once your little one is older than 4 weeks, you could start to introduce some moisturiser to babies' routine, particularly if it's during the winter months and your baby appears to be getting dry skin. One of our favourite products for protecting your little ones skin throughout the colder months is the Weleda Skin Protection Balm which is made with 100% natural ingredients and we found to really nourish and hydrate our babies' skin. Another of our favourite products for when our little ones had drier skin was the Weleda Baby White Mallow Face Cream that is incredibly gentle on babies skin, contains no fragrance and really rehydrates and nourishes dry skin on your little one. For babies with extra sensitive skin, the Organic Babies Softening Baby Lotion is another great option. With zero fragrance, organic ingredients and Omega-6 fatty acids, the Organic Babies softening baby lotion is very nourishing and hydrating for babies skin. If your little one is suffering from nappy rash, we found the Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil very soothing and helps protect babies skin from further irritation. We also found the Kokoso brilliant at getting rid of cradle cap where we add a small amount of the oil to our babies scalp and gently rub in light, circular motions to the area where the cradle cap is. We then leave the oil on overnight and gently comb the area in the morning where the skin flakes easily come away from the scalp.

  • The Review - EcoNaps Swim Nappies

    EcoNaps Swim Nappies - 2 for £20 There are many different brands of swim nappies on the market and it can be daunting trying to find the ones to go with. Having tried many reusable swim nappy brands with our little ones including Jojo Maman Bebe, Bambino Mio, Liewood and Splash About, our favourite brand for swim nappies is EcoNaps! The EcoNaps reusable swim nappies are great value for money (they currently have an offer of 2 swim nappies for £20!), have very cute prints and have fit our little ones for much longer than other brands - for example we found that our little ones grew out of the Splash About reusable swim nappies so fast and they became very tight and uncomfortable around our babies' thighs very soon after purchasing! The EcoNaps reusable swim nappies also seemed much comfier for our little ones than other brands we tried. The EcoNaps reusable swim nappies are our number 1 reusable swim nappy by far! 'Our reusable swim nappies are an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to disposables. Created with lightweight fabrics that won't weigh baby down, EcoNaps swim nappies feature an inner layer to catch number twos while letting liquids flow through. Your little one will enjoy many water-filled adventures in these stylish and comfy swimmers.'

  • Community Questions- Travelling abroad with a toddler!

    "Please share some advice for travelling abroad with a toddler. We haven't been away with our daughter yet and have our first trip very soon!!" Absolutely - here are some tips for travelling abroad with a toddler that we tend to stick by to help make things easier! 1. Plan, Plan, Plan: Taking some time to plan your trip before you go makes things so much easier. I know it sounds obvious but so many of us don't do this and from our experience, it really does help. Even if it's for 10 minutes and you add some quick notes to your phone - research your destination, google map the hotel/where you're staying and see whats around including kid-friendly activities, local amenities and things to do. We all know that travelling with kids means no laying down by the pool or on the beach all day anymore (sigh!) - finding activities to keep the little ones entertained is a must! Make a list of essentials to pack for your toddler too, such as toys, books, lots of snacks, nappies, SPF etc - having a well-thought-out plan will give you peace of mind and ensure you're prepared for any situation that may arise. 2. Timing: When choosing your travel dates, consider your toddler's schedule, particularly if they are still having a nap. Try to opt for flights that align with their nap time or bedtime, so they can sleep on the plane (hopefully!). For longer haul journeys, it can also be helpful to plan shorter flights with breaks in between, allowing your little one to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. 3. Snacks and Entertainment: Toddlers have boundless energy and a never-ending appetite and don't we know it! Pack a variety of snacks that are easy to eat on the go, favourite toys, books, or electronic devices to keep them entertained during the journey. Be prepared for the occasional meltdown or boredom and have a few surprises up your sleeve to keep them engaged like a new small toy car for example. 4. Adjusting to New Time Zones: Jet lag can be tough for anyone, including toddlers. To help your little one adjust to a new time zone, try gradually shifting their routine a few days before the trip. Once you arrive at your destination, expose them to natural light and encourage activities that align with the local time. Be patient—it may take a few days for their internal clock to reset. 5. Take It Slow and Embrace Flexibility: Travelling with a toddler requires a flexible mindset. Be prepared to slow down your pace, take breaks, and go with the flow. Allow for extra time when exploring attractions or navigating through airports. Embrace the unpredictability and find joy in the little moments along the way. Remember, it's not just about the destination, but also about the journey and the memories you create together. Remember, travelling with a toddler may have its challenges, but embrace the adventure, cherish the quality time together, and be open to the unexpected. The world is your playground, and with your little explorer by your side, every journey becomes a remarkable story waiting to be told.

  • Sleep for You and Your Baby

    Sleep Solutions: Helping You and Your Baby Get Some Rest We know that sleep deprivation is a struggle for mums, we've all been there. Your baby's sleep patterns (or lack thereof) can leave you feeling like a walking zombie. We're going to share some of our sleep tips that we have used to help you and your baby get the rest you both need. First things first, establish a consistent bedtime routine for your little one. Babies thrive on routine, and having a predictable sequence of activities before bedtime can help signal to your baby that it's time to wind down. This can include activities like a warm bath, gentle massage, lullabies, or reading a bedtime story. The key is to create a calming and soothing environment that promotes relaxation. Create a sleep-friendly environment. Ensure that the room is dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature. Consider using white noise machines or soft music to drown out any disruptive sounds that may disturb your baby's sleep. Also, make sure the crib or bassinet is safe and comfortable, with a firm mattress and no loose bedding or pillows. When it comes to nighttime feedings, try to establish a feeding routine that separates sleep and eating. It can be helpful to keep the lights dim and avoid stimulating your baby too much during nighttime feedings. This way, your baby will learn to associate nighttime with sleep rather than playtime and will also help you fall back to sleep after feeding. During the day, expose your baby to natural light and engage in activities that stimulate them. This will help establish their internal clock and teach them to distinguish between day and night. Keep the environment bright and lively during the day, and gradually create a more peaceful atmosphere as bedtime approaches. Lastly, be patient. Babies' sleep patterns can take time to develop, and what works for one baby may not work for another. It's a journey of trial and error, so don't be discouraged if your baby's sleep isn't perfect right away. Keep trying different strategies, be consistent, and remember that it will get better with time. Hang in there, tired mama! With a little patience, persistence, and some of these sleep solutions, you and your baby will soon be on your way to more peaceful and restful nights. Remember to take care of yourself and prioritise your own well-being too, as a well-rested mum is a happier mum.

  • The Review - mamamio Tummy Rub Butter

    mamamio Tummy Rub Butter Having used the mamamio Tummy Rub Butter throughout our pregnancies, we thought we'd share why we love this product! There are so many 'tummy butters' on the market but this was by far our favourite! Mamamio are known for making some of the most loved products for mums-to-be, mums and little ones and for good reason! Their Tummy Rub Butter is our favourite product by mamamio, closely followed by their Tummy Rub Oil which work perfectly together. The Tummy Rub butter is thick and absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving any tackiness. We found that the butter was very hydrating on our skin and left our skin feeling soft and nourished. As our pregnancies progressed and our skin began to get itchy, the tummy rub butter really helped to calm the itchiness down a lot! We can't say for sure that this product was the reason we got no stretch marks during any of our pregnancies, but it definitely helps to nourish our skin and keep it hydrated!

  • Self Care for New Mums

    Making Time for Yourself Amidst the Demands of Motherhood We know that being a mum is a full-time job, and it's easy to get so caught up in taking care of your little bundle of joy that you forget to take care of yourself. But here's the thing: self-care is not selfish—it's essential. In fact, making time for yourself can actually help you be a better mum in the long run. So, let's dive into some practical self-care tips and strategies that you can incorporate into your daily routine to prioritise your own mental and physical well-being. First and foremost, it's important to remember that self-care doesn't have to be extravagant or time-consuming. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to do something you enjoy. Whether it's reading a book, taking a relaxing bath, or savouring a cup of your favourite tea or coffee, find moments throughout the day to indulge in activities that bring you joy. Another great way to practice self-care is by nurturing your social connections. Reach out to other mums who are going through similar experiences. Join local mum groups or online communities (ahem, Carol App) where you can share your thoughts, ask questions, and receive support. Connecting with other mums can provide a sense of community and knowing you aren't alone can be incredibly comforting. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. It's okay to lean on your partner, family members, or trusted friends for support. Delegate some tasks or take turns with your partner in caring for the baby, so you can have some time to recharge. Remember, you don't have to do it all alone. Taking care of your physical health is equally important. Try to incorporate some form of exercise into your routine; once confirmed by your GP, even if it's just a short walk around your local area with your baby in their carrier or pram. Physical activity can boost your mood and energy levels. Additionally, fuel your body with nutritious foods that provide the energy you need to keep up with the demands of motherhood. Lastly, don't forget the power of rest and relaxation. Sleep deprivation is a common challenge for new mums, but getting enough rest is crucial for your overall well-being. Take naps when your baby is sleeping during the day, and consider creating a soothing bedtime routine to help your little one settle down at night. Establishing healthy sleep habits for your baby can also contribute to a better night's sleep for both of you. Remember, self-care is not something you should feel guilty about—it's an essential part of being a happy and healthy mum. By prioritising your own well-being, you'll have more energy, patience, and love to give to your little one. So, take a deep breath, mama, and make self-care a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. You deserve it!

  • Community Questions - Travelling with 2 under 2!

    "Can you share your tips for travelling abroad with 2 under 2? We have our first trip as a 4 in a few weeks..!" Travelling abroad with two children under the age of two can seem challenging and a little overwhelming but here are some of our tips which will hopefully help! Our number 1 tip would be plan ahead: Make a detailed itinerary that includes your travel dates, flight details, accommodation arrangements, and a list of activities you want to do with your children at the destination you are heading to. Research child friendly activities, what the resort/city has to offer and what would keep your little ones entertained for an hour or so each day, whether that's a playground, kids club, stay and play at the hotel... We found having a well-planned schedule can help you to stay organised and make the most of your time abroad! Pack Wisely: Be strategic with your packing. Carry essentials like diapers, wipes, formula, snacks, and extra clothing in your carry-on bag. Don't forget to bring comfort items such as favourite toys or blankets to help your children feel secure and at ease during the journey. This moves into our next tip: Keep Essentials Handy: Have a well-stocked bag to hand with all the essentials easily accessible during travel days. Snacks, a couple of toys, books, activities to keep your children engaged and entertained during travel and downtime. Colouring books, and interactive games can be a lifesaver during long flights or car rides. Keeping essentials handy can help you handle unexpected situations quickly. Be Flexible: Understand that travelling with young children can be unpredictable. Be prepared to adjust your plans and try to let go of any expectations. Flexibility and patience will go a long way in ensuring a stress-free journey. Enjoy the Journey: Remember that travelling with your little ones is a precious opportunity to create lasting memories. Embrace the joy and wonder of exploring new places through their eyes and enjoy the journey together as a family.

  • Carol Recommends - Nip+Fab!

    We know that your journey into motherhood is an incredible, yet demanding adventure. Amidst all the sleepless nights and nappy changes, it's important to take a moment for yourself and indulge in some well-deserved self-care. That's where Carol App comes in, your friendly companion on this motherhood journey. Today, we're excited to share our top recommendations from Nip+Fab, a brand that will help you feel pampered, refreshed, and ready to take on the world (or at least the nursery). Skincare to Nurture Your Glow: As a new mum, you may find yourself juggling a million things at once, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your skincare routine. Nip+Fab has a range of nourishing products that will help you maintain that radiant pregnancy glow. From their gentle cleansing pads to hydrating serums and moisturizers, their skincare collection will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized, even after those sleep-deprived nights. Say Goodbye to Tired Eyes: We totally get it—sleep deprivation is a common companion for new mums. But fear not! Nip+Fab has your back when it comes to combating tired eyes and dark circles. Their eye creams and gels, packed with powerful ingredients like caffeine and hyaluronic acid, work wonders in reducing puffiness and brightening the delicate skin around your eyes. Say hello to a refreshed and wide-awake look, even if you're running on minimal sleep. Embrace Your Beautiful Body: Mama, your body has gone through incredible changes, and it deserves to be celebrated and pampered. Nip+Fab offers a range of body care products designed to nourish and moisturise your skin. From their indulgent body creams to body exfoliants, these products will help you embrace and love your post-baby body. Treat yourself to a mini spa session right at home and let these products remind you of the incredible journey you've been on. Taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your little one. Nip+Fab's collection of skincare and bodycare products will not only help you look and feel amazing but will also serve as a gentle reminder that self-care is an essential part of your motherhood journey. So treat yourself to a little pampering session with Nip+Fab and let your inner glow shine bright!

  • Community Questions - Baby Sleep Regressions?

    "Can you explain what baby sleep regressions are? I keep seeing loads about them online." Baby sleep regressions refer to a temporary period of disrupted sleep patterns in infants who were previously sleeping well. These regressions can occur at different ages and are often associated with developmental milestones, growth spurts, or changes in routine or environment. Here are some of the most common baby sleep regressions: 4-month sleep regression: This is the most well-known and significant sleep regression. At around four months of age, babies undergo a major developmental milestone which can cause them to become more aware of their surroundings and wake up more frequently during the night. 8-10 month sleep regression: Around this time, babies may experience another sleep regression due to separation anxiety and crawling or walking development. 12-month sleep regression: This is typically associated with the transition from two naps to one. 18-month sleep regression: Around this age, toddlers may experience a sleep regression due to cognitive and language development. During these regressions, your baby may wake up more frequently during the night, have difficulty falling asleep, or refuse to take naps. These changes in sleep patterns can be frustrating for parents, but it’s important to remember that they are temporary and will eventually pass. To help your baby through a sleep regression, try to stick to a consistent bedtime routine, offer extra comfort and reassurance, and make sure they are getting enough daytime sleep.

  • Community Questions - Embracing Motherhood

    "I'm a first time mum and wanted to ask if you could share some tips on navigating the motherhood journey from your experience!" Of course! Welcome to the exhilarating journey of motherhood, where love, joy, and sleepless nights all blend into a beautiful chaos. As you embark on this incredible adventure, we're here to share some insights and tips that will help you navigate this transformative phase with confidence, self-care, and a dash of humour. Embracing the Rollercoaster of Emotions: Becoming a new mum is an emotional whirlwind. From overwhelming love and happiness to occasional moments of doubt or frustration, it's important to remember that all of these feelings are normal. Surround yourself with a support network of friends, family, and fellow mums who can provide a listening ear and share their own experiences. Prioritising Self-Care: Amidst the demands of caring for your little one, don't forget to prioritise self-care. Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish but essential for your well-being. Sneak in moments of relaxation, indulge in a hot bath, enjoy a cup of tea, or engage in activities that recharge your batteries. A happy and nurtured mum means a happier baby too! The Power of Mama Communities: Finding your mama tribe can be a game-changer. Seek out local mum groups, join online communities, or use apps like Carol App to connect with other mums going through similar experiences. Sharing stories, advice, and laughter with fellow mums who truly understand can make this journey feel less overwhelming and remind you that you're never alone. Trusting Your Instincts: Amidst the sea of advice and opinions, remember that you are the expert on your baby. Trust your instincts and know that you have the innate ability to make the best decisions for your little one. Listen to advice but filter it through your own intuition. Every baby is unique, and you know your baby better than anyone else. Embracing Imperfection: Let go of the pursuit of perfection. Motherhood is messy, unpredictable, and full of surprises. It's okay if you don't have all the answers or if things don't go according to plan. Embrace the imperfections, laugh at the messy moments, and remember that the love and care you provide are what truly matter. Celebrating Small Victories: In the whirlwind of early motherhood, it's easy to overlook your accomplishments. Take a moment to celebrate the small victories, whether it's getting through a sleepless night, successfully soothing your baby, or finding a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee. Acknowledge and reward yourself for the incredible job you're doing. Finally, as you embark on this remarkable journey, know that you are capable, strong, and loved. Embrace the beautiful chaos of motherhood, lean on your support system, and remember to care for yourself along the way. Cherish the precious moments, celebrate the milestones, and embrace the imperfectly perfect journey of being a mum. You've got this, mama!

  • Community Questions - Hypnobirthing

    "Is hypnobirthing worth it?" The Team at Carol have all used Hypnobirthing techniques throughout their labours. Our Founder Holly has had two very positive, unmedicated home births with both her children and used hypnobirthing techniques throughout both of her labours and swears by it for helping to manage the discomfort through each contraction and to use the breathing techniques learned in hypnobirthing as a focus. Just as with everything, hypnobirthing isn't going to be for everyone and that's totally fine, it will differ for each mum! A brief overview of hypnobirthing: Hypnobirthing is a childbirth education method that involves using relaxation, breathing, and visualization techniques to reduce stress and pain during labor and delivery. The effectiveness of hypnobirthing can vary depending on individual circumstances, so it's difficult to say whether it's worth it for everyone. However, many women who have used hypnobirthing report that it helped them feel more in control during labour and reduced their pain levels. Some studies have also shown that women who use hypnobirthing techniques have shorter labours and are less likely to require medical interventions. However, it's important to note that hypnobirthing is not a guarantee that childbirth will be completely pain-free, and it may not work for everyone. Ultimately, the decision to use hypnobirthing or any other childbirth education method is a personal one. It's important to do your research, speak to your healthcare provider, and choose the option that feels right for you and your unique circumstances.

  • Carol Recommends - MySweetSmile

    Another of our favourite beauty products that we are delighted to share with you is the highly popular MySweetSmile - the Amazon best-selling oral-care brand, loved by over 120,000 UK customers, and for good reason! They have a small, yet carefully-curated product selection, that aims to help solve any smile care goal. Stained teeth, yellowing/ageing teeth, or sensitive teeth - they've got solutions for them all. Their product range includes teeth whitening products formulated with the clinically-proven peroxide-free active whitening ingredient, PAP. As well as targeted formulas that help you achieve specific smile care goals, like reducing sensitivity & strengthening tooth enamel. Teeth whitening products are very popular, and we tried a number of different products once we were no longer feeding our little ones to get our smiles looking fresh again! By far our top recommendation is MySweetSmile because of their peroxide-free, dentist approved formulas and enamel-safe, non-abrasive whitening methods to brush away stains & plaque caused by coffee, tea, food, wine, etc! Our hero product from MySweetSmile is the whitening powder, which we find so effective and doesn't contain peroxide which made our teeth so sensitive and gums irritated when using other brands! The whitening powder claims to remove all types of stains & yellowing, is non-abrasive and safe for enamel and gums! The MySweetSmile whitening powder is also way more cost effective than other brands on the market and each tub provides a 6-month whitening supply! MySweetSmile currently has a number of different offers available including: 1. Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off - Valid on all individual products (e.g. add 2x powders to your cart) 50% discount auto-applies. 2. Bundles - Choose from MySweetSmile's Bundles for the fastest & most effective whitening results. They feature all of their fan-favourite product combinations and save you 20% as opposed to buying them separately. 3. Free Tracked 2-3 day delivery included on all orders.

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