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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that hasn't been answered? 

  • What is Carol and how does it work?

  • Is Carol safe?

  • How do I report a user if something goes wrong?

  • Why should I use Carol?

  • What is the 'Resource' section of the app?

  • Can I advertise on Carol?

  • How do I deactivate my account?

  • What are 'Community Questions?'

What is Carol and how does it work?

Carol is a free mobile app that connects mums to each other based on similar interests, location, child ages and/or pregnancy due dates. Users can chat to one another, join groups, create groups and find real connections with mums who they can relate to and have safe, genuine conversations. Carol also provides a 'Resource' Section where we provide articles from some of the top experts within the mum and baby space across a range of motherhood topics answering the most commonly asked FAQ's to make it easy for our users to find the answers they are looking for. We also offer users a range of exclusive discounts across Mother and Baby Products!

In order for users to have full access to the App, a full profile must be created including a photo. If a profile isn't complete, the user will be able to join groups and have full access to the Resources but will be unable to connect 1:1 with other mums and their profile will not show within the 'Find Other Mums' section of the App.

Disclaimer: Any content in the group chats and 1:1 conversations are not the opinion or advice of Carol App Ltd .

Is Carol App safe?

Safety is paramount to Carol, which is why we have social sign in options on the app, all email address sign-ups require a verification code to prove that the email does belong to you and are working on facial-recognition software to work with Users profile pictures and real time selfies to ensure that each user is who they say they are. Users also have the ability to report a user and the admin team get notified of this right away. Safety is essential for mothers to feel comfortable to chat, especially about sensitive topics regarding pregnancy, motherhood and their children.

How do I report a user or a conversation?

You can report a user or a conversation through the 'Settings' section of the app in 'Contact Us' or by clicking on the three dots to the right of the users profile that you wish to report.

Why Should I Use Carol?

Being a mum is hard, but being a mum without a support system is even harder! Carol offers mums the space to meet other likeminded mums, build their communities, offers free expert-led resources across Pregnancy, Postpartum, Baby Sleep, Baby Feeding, Baby Development and The Early Years all in one place and makes sure mums know that they're not alone, whatever their parenting circumstance is!

Whether you're looking to meet likeminded mum friends in your local area, join groups of mums who live close by and have children of the same age, meet mums with similar due dates to you, get expert-led resources to your FAQ's in one place or simply speak with other mums about similar experiences, Carol is for you! 

What is the 'Resource' section of the app?

The 'Resource' section of the app compiles articles and pieces of advice from some of the leading experts within the baby and mum space across a range of motherhood topics. The experts that we share are those that we have gained knowledge from ourselves along our motherhood journey or have been recommended by other mums. Please note that we have no affiliation or partnership with the experts within the 'Resource' section, they are experts that we believe offer valuable advice that our users may find helpful. We wanted the resource section of the app to cover the most frequently asked questions that we had ourselves moving through motherhood, and that we know many others have too!

We also have an 'Offers' section within the Resources where we offer our users exclusive discounts across a range of products. We may have affiliate partnerships with some of the brands that we partner with which means that we may receive a small commission on the sale if you purchase through our link, however this does not affect the price of the item for our users.

We know that the internet is a minefield with information which is why we want to collate all the best information across motherhood that we can on Carol.

We are constantly updating the resource section of Carol and want to offer as much information to our users that we can. Feel like something is missing? Let us know by emailing

Can I advertise on Carol?

We are always keen to work with new and small businesses as well as brands that align with our values and can support our users in some way. To discuss advertising packages, please contact

How do I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your account through the 'Settings' Icon and then clicking 'Deactivate Account'. You can also contact us to delete your account. We are always trying to improve our app as much as we can and welcome as much feedback as possible. If you would like to give us Feedback on how we can improve, please email us at

What are 'Community Questions?'

Community Questions are questions that our mum community submits to the Carol App Team to answer and offer advice from their own experiences as a mum and their expertise ie. Parenting, Nutrition, Pregnancy and Postpartum. Community Questions are always answered and shared anonymously and are available for other mums to see on the app through the Resources. The Community Questions support other mums who may have a similar question or be going through a similar situation such as potty training their toddler, and find the information helpful and answers non-bias. The Community Questions do not constitute any medical advice or replace any advice from a health professional that the mum is working with.

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