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Carol App Guidelines

Please note that by signing up to Carol and accepting our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you are also accepting these guidelines. You may lose access to the platform if any of your content breaches these guidelines.

We welcome diversity at Carol. We want every mum to feel welcomed onto the platform. We welcome transwomen, non-binary identified and cisgender.

Carol promotes having a kind and authentic community to help us to create a safe space for our users. Treat other users with kindness and compassion, and be respectful of others' opinions. Listen and support other users. Sharing your experiences helps you to know that you're not alone. Given the nature of our platform, we understand that sensitive and vulnerable experiences may be shared. Please be respectful and understanding of this.


Treat other users on the app with respect, be tolerant towards other users viewpoints and communicate with courtesy and respect. Respect the privacy of other users and only share what you are comfortable with and only share content that is yours, we do not allow impersonation on the platform in any form.

Carol has a zero-tolerance approach for any content that contains any kind of hate speech, personal attacks on other community members, or bullying. Bullying includes, but is not limited to, shaming, harassing, threatening, or taking screenshots of others’ content without permission from the user. Hate speech includes, but is not limited to, any kind of hate speech on an individual or group of users across race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age or socioeconomic status. 

Carol has a zero-tolerance policy for any content that perpetuates the harm, abuse or exploitation of minors. Carol does not permit any kind of nudity, sexually explicit content or pornography.

Carol has a zero-tolerance policy for criminal activities on the platform. Criminal activities include any act that is punishable by the law and any content related to criminal activities will be immediately removed from the platform.

Keeping our community safe is paramount to Carol App. If you see any content that breaches these guidelines, please report it by emailing us at

If you have any questions about our guidelines or our Reporting Process that you have found unanswered within our FAQ's, please get in touch.

Disclaimer: the answers discussed in our forum do not constitute medical advice nor replace the advice of the health professional you are working with. Carol App Ltd does not warrant that the information published on the site is accurate or free from error. The information published on the site and within the forum is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information. Carol App Ltd reserves the right to edit or remove any contributions within the Carol App Forum where necessary.

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