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Helping your baby sleep better, the Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Guide helps to set your baby's sleep foundation from the early days.


Would you like to:


Set a healthy sleep foundation to support your baby from 0-6 months

Learn how to read your baby's habits, cues and needs

Receive step by step guidance on navigating the first 6 months of your baby's life

Learn how to establish a healthy sleep foundation for your baby that promotes restful nights and predictable naps

Breast Fed and Bottle Fed baby feeding advice tailored to your baby's developmental stages


An e-book to help you set the foundation for a healthy sleep pattern for your baby up to 6 months old. This guide will help you move through the first 6 months with your baby with confidence and offers all the guidance you need to help your baby get into a healthy sleep routine.


For ONLY £19.95 you will receive:

An easy-to-follow in depth 18 page digital guide worth £199.99

Sleep and Feeding Schedules for babies 0-6 Months worth £29.99

Wake Windows, Eat Play Sleep Cycle worth £9.99

Tips for Soothing a Fussy Baby, Hunger and Sleep Cues worth £14.99

PLUS: Bonus content on baby milestones and developmental markers worth £19.99

VALUE : £274.95

You Pay £19.95!


🌟 Your Essential Guide to Navigating the First Six Months 🌟


We know what it's like when you get home from hospital after giving birth to your baby with no real step by step guidance on feeding, nap times, sleep schedules..How many feeds should there be per day? How many oz of milk? How many naps? These were all the questions we had and know you have's overwhelming to say the least! That's why we created the Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Guide - to hold your hand through the first 6 months of your baby's life with age appropriate routines, feeding times and amounts and nap schedules (hour by hour!) and so much more! Whether your baby is breast fed or bottle fed - this guide is for you.


Learn how to get you and your baby into a routine that helps them sleep better, feed better & more effectively and helps you! For a limited time only, the expert approved, 18 page in-depth Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Schedule is available for only £19.95!


Helping you to set a healthy sleep foundation for your baby, the Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Guide helps your baby form healthy sleep habits, a predictable routine in a flexible way that works for you and your baby. 


The tried and tested easy to follow guide loved by mums!


Embrace the joy of parenthood with confidence using our tried and tested, easy to follow guide tailored for the first six months of your baby's life. Dive deep into the world of baby sleep patterns and feeding schedules. Knowing when to put your baby down for their nap with hour by hour age appropriate nap schedules that work around your routine, when to feed and how much to feed & so much more!


Key Features:

- Month-by-Month Breakdown: Understand the evolving needs of your baby with detailed sleep and feeding schedules for each month. For bottle-fed and breast-fed babies. This guide covers both types of feeding.


- Expert Insights: Our guide is nutritionist and sleep consultant approved enriched with insights from experienced mums, ensuring you get advice that's both scientific and tried-and-tested.


- Customisable Routines: Recognising that every baby is unique, our schedules are designed for flexibility, allowing you to tailor routines based on your baby's individual cues.


- Valuable Tips & Tricks: Master the art of baby care with our treasure trove of tips. From soothing a fussy baby to decoding hunger signs, we've got you covered.


- Safety First: Beyond schedules, our guide emphasises safety in both sleep and feeding, ensuring your baby's well-being is always paramount.



- Peace of Mind: Say goodbye to second-guessing and hello to clarity. With this guide, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions that suit your baby's unique needs.


- Strengthened Bond: Understand your baby's cues and rhythms better, fostering a deeper bond and connection.


- Restful Nights: With a clearer understanding of sleep cycles and feeding patterns, both you and your baby can look forward to more restful nights.


Perfect For:


- First-time mums navigating the initial months of motherhood.


- Parents looking for a refresher or new insights for their subsequent children.


- Gifting to friends or family members who are expecting or have recently welcomed a little one.


Package Includes:

- An easy-to-follow 18 page digital guide.

- In-depth Sleep and Feeding Guidelines, hour by hour nap guides, feeding amounts and times for babies 0-6 Months

- Tips for Soothing a Fussy Baby, Hunger and Sleep Cues

- Bonus content on baby milestones and developmental markers


Make the first six months of motherhood a journey of joy, understanding, and deep connection. With our Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Guide, you're not just getting a routine; you're getting the peace of mind every mum deserves.


Our Baby Sleep and Feeding Guide is for babies born at full term.


Please note: All sales are final. No refunds given.


"The Carol App's guide was a lifesaver! It took away the overwhelm and replaced it with a clear path. My baby and I are both happier!" - Laura T.


"I wish I had this with my firstborn. It's like having a baby whisperer right in my pocket!" - Sophie R.


PDF will be downloadable upon purchase. You will also receive an email with a link to the PDF.


Please note the baby feeding and baby sleep guide does not replace the information given to you by your health provider and is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. Always seek professional support if required for you and your baby.n

Sleep Foundations - Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Guide (0 - 6 Months)

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