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Learn how to help your baby set a consistent sleep foundation 0-6 months


Helping your baby sleep through the night, the Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Guide helps you to set a healthy sleep & feeding foundation in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide with NO cry it out! 

You've had your baby, arrived at home and now what.. how many naps per day? How many feeds per day? Wake Windows? The overwhelm is real and is something that isn't spoken about. In our tried and tested Baby Sleep and Baby Feeding guide, we hold your hand and walk step by step with you through the first 6 months of motherhood breaking down each month into gentle feed and nap guides hour by hour, with age appropriate wake windows so you don't have to go through the unknown like we did.


An e-book to help you set the foundation for a healthy sleep pattern for your baby up to 6 months old. This guide will help you move through the first 6 months with your baby with confidence and offers all the guidance you need to help your baby get into a healthy sleep routine.

Struggling to get your baby into a consistent routine with sleep? We get it.

Holding your hand through the first 6 months of Motherhood

The tried and tested expert approved guide loved by mums!


We know what it's like when you get home from hospital after giving birth to your baby with no real step by step guidance on feeding, nap times, sleep schedules..How many feeds should there be per day? How many oz of milk? How many naps? These were all the questions we had and know you have's overwhelming to say the least! That's why we created the Baby Sleep & Baby Feeding Guide - to hold your hand through the first 6 months of your baby's life with age appropriate routines, feeding times and amounts and nap schedules (hour by hour!) and so much more! Whether your baby is breast fed or bottle fed - this guide is for you.

Embrace the joy of parenthood with confidence using our tried and tested, easy to follow guide tailored for the first six months of your baby's life.
































Sleeping Baby
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Baby's Grasp

For only £19.95, your package Includes:
An easy-to-follow 18 page digital guide.

Sleep and Feeding Schedules for babies 0-6 Months 

Wake Windows, Eat Play Sleep Cycle,

Tips for Soothing a Fussy Baby, Hunger and Sleep Cues
PLUS: Bonus content on baby milestones and developmental markers

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