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We know that sleep is a vital time for your body and mind to rest and repair. But according to Mental Health UK, 1 in 5 adults in the UK don’t get enough sleep. As mums, we know that more often than not we aren't getting enough sleep. Either we're awake with our little ones feeding, nursing, soothing or perhaps you struggle to fall asleep even when your little ones are sleeping through. Switching off can be a challenge and when you get into bed your mind starts racing. Sound familiar? We've certainly been there.

Health and wellbeing is a huge part of our DNA at Carol. By taking care of ourselves we can better take care of those around us. We recently came across the Cannabotech Beauty Sleep Drops and are so delighted to share them with you. We found them to be incredibly helpful with falling asleep as well as helping to reduce our stress levels! Founded by a team of Scientists and researchers, Cannabotech Beauty Sleep Drops are formulated with Chamomile Extract + Cannobotech's exclusive Blend of Functional Mushrooms (like Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps) & Premium CBD oil. The Beauty Sleep Drops also contain 5-HTP to help you destress before bed. Add 10 drops to your sleep routine around 1 hour before sleep and enjoy the benefits of a calm and relaxed bedtime. Good quality sleep helps support proper immune system function!

Cannabotech also provide an excellent blog covering a range of topics from CBD, Functional Mushrooms and Wellness! Offering preventative care solutions, a wide range of CBD-based products including medicinal mushrooms, and with a holistic approach to health, Cannabotech is your place for Daily care products. Nourishing skin health from the inside out with their food supplements as well as topical creams, serums and skin products.

Here are some tips for helping with sleep from Dr. Naomi, a chartered psychologist (PhD) and a qualified nutritionist (BSc) with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

Plan a bedtime routine:

Have a planned bedtime routine for weekdays and weekends. Think about what relaxes you before getting into bed, for example, some people like to have a warm bath to prepare them for sleep. This is actually supported by research that shows a warm bath 90 minutes before bed can improve the quality of your sleep. The reason for this is because warm water helps change your core temperature so that it drops, preparing your brain for sleep.

Create a healthy sleep environment:

Think about your surroundings - are they conducive to sleep? Blue light from your electronic devices is known to block the sleep hormone, melatonin, letting your brain know that it’s not time to sleep yet. Try red light, which stimulates the production of melatonin, helping to prepare your brain for better quality sleep.

We really recommend trying a himalayan salt lamp for those night time feeds which helps you to fall back to sleep much easier after feeding

Stay hydrated:

Your body is made up of two-thirds water, so it’s no surprise that hydration plays a key role in helping your body function at its best, including when it comes to sleep. One study found that people who consistently slept for 6 or less hours per night were 16-59% more likely to be dehydrated than those who slept for 8 hours. A reason for this link between hydration and sleep may be due to the hormone, vasopressin. This is a hormone that controls your body’s water balance and is released late in the sleep cycle. So if you are not sleeping for long enough the release of this hormone may be disrupted.

Be aware of your stress levels:

Stress and anxiety often play a role in disturbing sleep. Research shows that genetics, family history of sleep disorders, living in a stressful environment and being female, all play a role in whether or not someone’s sleep is affected by stress levels. So what can you do to reduce stress before bedtime? This can be quite individual and you may have to try a few different suggestions before you find the solution that suits you best.

Having a warm bath, creating a healthy sleep environment and staying hydrated are all a good start. Avoiding caffeine late in the day and not eating too close to bedtime are a good idea too.

If you find that you are still struggling to manage your sleep and you are looking for a natural solution, check out Cannabotech’s Beauty Sleep Drops. These sleep drops are a blend of premium CBD oil, functional mushrooms, chamomile and 5-HTP to help you destress before bed. Add 10 drops to your sleep routine around 1 hour before sleep and enjoy the benefits of a calm and relaxed bedtime. Good quality sleep helps support proper immune system function!

If you are concerned about your sleep, contact your GP. If you are taking medications, consult your GP before taking any new supplements, particularly if breastfeeding or pregnant.

Use code SLEEP15 for 15% off your order!

Some real reviews from Cannabotech Beauty Sleep Drops:

"Really works. So happy I tried this. Been having trouble sleeping due to a lot of stress but this helps me get at least a couple of hours at night!" - Frederique, London

"The Beauty Sleep Drops have been a game-changer and life saver in equal measures for me." - Marie L, Manchester

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