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Carol Recommends - Love to Dream

We often get asked by our community what sleepwear brand we would recommend for babies and we always recommend Love To Dream™.

The SWADDLE UP is such a game changer for parents as it allows baby to sleep with their arms up whilst also providing the swaddle feeling. An absolute must-have for our babies who all preferred sleeping in their favourite 'arms up' position which no other sleep suit comfortably enabled them to do whilst still being swaddled! The Swaddle Up combines all the benefits of a traditional swaddle with the safety of a sleepsuit! Traditional Swaddling, flexion for hips, two-way zip, arms up position, hip-healthy design, breathable fabric- this really is the baby swaddle with it all!

The unique ARMS UP™ design of SWADDLE UP™ replicates baby's behaviour in the womb, this natural position allows them to place their hands to the mouth for true SELF-SOOTHING™. Self-soothing behaviours, where babies learn how to self regulate their emotional state, are often developed from birth and help to foster independence throughout a child’s normal stages of development.

Not only this, but the SWADDLE UP also has a double-sided zip which enables you to change your baby's nappy without having to take off the whole swaddle - another brilliant feature that definitely makes those middle-of-the-night nappy changes much smoother!

Love To Dream™, is the global sleepwear brand that is loved and trusted by millions and millions of parents around the world and is now available at John Lewis, further expanding the brands retail footprint in the UK and making it even easier and more accessible for parents to easily access a tried and trusted sleep solution. John Lewis are now stocking key global, best-sellers Swaddle Up™ and Swaddle Up™ Transition Bags and Suits in Original, Limited Editions prints and recently launched All Seasons Swaddle Up™.

Love to Dream’s patented, SWADDLE UP™, helps baby to safely settle quickly & establish a peaceful sleep routine. Swaddle Up™ can be used from birth through to when baby starts to transition to independent sleep. Medical research has shown that when babies can self-soothe, they can sleep for longer.

A baby who establishes a healthy sleep routine and can settle themselves back to sleep is a baby who doesn’t have to wake up mum and dad, better and longer sleep for everyone.

Swaddle Up™ is easy and convenient for parents and carers and has been described by many as both a “lifesaver” and a “gamechanger”, which we can confirm!

"Since our early beginnings in 2009, our mission has remained the same; to help parents and families around the world achieve better sleep. We believe today’s little dreamers are the shapers of tomorrow. We exist to celebrate the power of sleep and dreams to brighten the world – one little dreamer at a time."

"Love To Dream™ have swaddled millions and millions of babies globally. The Swaddle Up™ Original range of products has very recently won three Made For Mums Awards and we are super proud that we have been recognized as a parenting essential and a game changer when it comes to Newborn sleep. Love to Dream™ Organic Sleep Bag in White Stellar, another very popular “all seasons” product has just been listed for a fourth Award."

For more information, you can find the FAQ's about the Love To Dream SWADDLE UP here


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