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Carol Recommends - MySweetSmile

Another of our favourite beauty products that we are delighted to share with you is the highly popular MySweetSmile - the Amazon best-selling oral-care brand, loved by over 120,000 UK customers, and for good reason! They have a small, yet carefully-curated product selection, that aims to help solve any smile care goal. Stained teeth, yellowing/ageing teeth, or sensitive teeth - they've got solutions for them all. Their product range includes teeth whitening products formulated with the clinically-proven peroxide-free active whitening ingredient, PAP. As well as targeted formulas that help you achieve specific smile care goals, like reducing sensitivity & strengthening tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening products are very popular, and we tried a number of different products once we were no longer feeding our little ones to get our smiles looking fresh again! By far our top recommendation is MySweetSmile because of their peroxide-free, dentist approved formulas and enamel-safe, non-abrasive whitening methods to brush away stains & plaque caused by coffee, tea, food, wine, etc!

Our hero product from MySweetSmile is the whitening powder, which we find so effective and doesn't contain peroxide which made our teeth so sensitive and gums irritated when using other brands! The whitening powder claims to remove all types of stains & yellowing, is non-abrasive and safe for enamel and gums!

The MySweetSmile whitening powder is also way more cost effective than other brands on the market and each tub provides a 6-month whitening supply!

MySweetSmile currently has a number of different offers available including:

1. Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off - Valid on all individual products (e.g. add 2x powders to your cart) 50% discount auto-applies.

2. Bundles - Choose from MySweetSmile's Bundles for the fastest & most effective whitening results. They feature all of their fan-favourite product combinations and save you 20% as opposed to buying them separately.

3. Free Tracked 2-3 day delivery included on all orders.

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