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Carol Recommends - Percko: Helping to Relieve Postpartum Back Ache

Postpartum back ache is a common topic of discussion for the Carol App Team where the back ache we experienced during pregnancy didn't seem to improve as quickly as we thought postpartum (probably due to carrying a little one on our hip at all times!) After doing our research, we came across a brand called Percko and we had to share them with you.

Percko have designed the everyday vest to relieve back pain.

Working with health professionals, including osteopaths, physiotherapists and doctors in biomechanics to find a simple and effective solution to reduce spinal pain by stimulating a dynamic posture, Percko created the Lyne UP tech-embedded T-shirt that reminds you not to slouch.

The Lyne-UP works thanks to a system of elasticated tensors positioned strategically to align the spine and the pelvis. The clever tech applies gentle pressure to your lower back and shoulders, encouraging you to straighten up naturally while allowing freedom of movement.

The everyday vest, Lyne UP, is the original smart vest that helps you strengthen your back muscles by encouraging movement and engaging your posture. The result? Back pain relief.

By strengthening the back and core muscles, the Lyne UP can help to improve your back health and pain relief, both long term and short term. Percko claims that wearing the Lyne UP at least two days a week guarantees a long-lasting healthy back.

It has been long established that not moving enough weakens your core muscles, making back pain worse over the long term. The everyday vest was created to combat this, using the principle of proprioception to keep the user's back mobile and engaged throughout the day. This is especially common after pregnancy and was certainly the case for us!

Created with discretion in mind, the everyday vest is invisible under your clothes. This makes it ideal whether you are working from home, the office or simply going about your day. Take back relief on the go.

Lyne UP is designed to encourage movement and give you support similar to Kinesio taping. It uses elasticated tensor technology strategically positioned on the upper body to create a dual-action: on the shoulders to open the chest and on the lower back to realign the spine and the pelvis.

The everyday vest has been certified as a medical device by the MHRA. This achievement recognises the work that went into developing this product by a multidisciplinary team of biomechanics experts, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Six studies on over 4,400 testers were submitted as part of the certification process. Results from the research showed:

86% of users are satisfied*

72.5% reported reduced pain**

*2020 study of 819 users.

**Based on studies from 2020 and 2021 conducted at SNCF, Bouygues Construction, FM Logistique and 9 other companies using PERCKO products

Percko knows that back health and pain relief isn’t limited to the proper functioning of its products though. That is why Percko is building a community of specialists to provide its customers with regular access to exercises, tips and tricks to improve back health.

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