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Community Questions - Double Pram

"Have you used a double pram? Is there one you would recommend that's good for travelling?"

We were definitely part of the 'no way are we getting a double pram' crew, but when it came to it, they do make your life so much easier! There are so many different types of double prams on the market ranging from more budget friendly to premium so it really depends what you are looking to spend. We went with a more budget friendly double pram and we are glad we did!

For the double pram we would recommend, it has to be the Joie Air Twin Double Buggy . At £175, the Joie Aire Twin Stroller has everything you would need in a double pram and is such an excellent price point! This double buggy is lightweight, easy to fold and is freestanding when folded, can be used from birth for your newborn baby as the seats lay fully flat and the seats are independent from one another so one seat can be laid flat and the other upright if you have a little one and a toddler. It's also great for travelling abroad!

The Joie Aire Twin Stroller also feels sturdy and our little ones seem very comfortable in it! The basket under the seats is also very handy and a good size for fitting in what you need when out and about as well as the adjustable canopy for both seats. This double stroller is easy to use on Public transport as it fits through more doorways and isn't too wide compared with other double pushchairs! The Joie Aire Twin stroller is such a reasonable price for the functionality and quality and appears to be a comfortable ride for both little ones who are sitting in it! This double stroller is a smooth ride for little ones, has an adjustable canopy - both sun canopies are individual so you can have one down and the other up which is really handy if your youngest child is having a nap and the eldest isn't!

The key features of the Joie Aire twin stroller is how easy it folds, that it can be used for a newborn baby and toddler at the same time, is an affordable price compared with other double strollers on the market and is ideal for parents of twins or parents of little ones whatever the age gap! It's not a heavy buggy like some out there and does offer loads of storage underneath the seats which is great if you head to the supermarket and can't carry the bags home and push the buggy!

The Joie Aire Twin Stroller is easy to clean, is one of the best strollers for travel as it folds smaller than many others and stands up when folded so can be stored easily and at the affordable price of £175, is a no brainer for us.

We would absolutely recommend the Joie Aire Twin!

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