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Community Questions - Laundry detergent for baby with sensitive skin?

"Hi! Do you have any recommendations for a natural laundry detergent I can use to wash my babies clothes with? He's got very sensitive skin and I want to try something more natural? Thanks."

Yes we do! We had the exact same thing with our little one, he had very sensitive skin and when we changed the laundry detergent we were using on his clothes it made a huge difference! We've actually sticked with the same brand since our son was a few months old and he's now almost 3.

We highly recommend trying Bambino Mio Baby Washing Powder.

A little about Bambino Mio's Baby Washing Powder taken from their website:

  • GENTLE - Bambino Mio's natural washing powder is designed to be kinder to your baby’s delicate skin and the environment too. Perfect for use with reusable nappies, clothing, bedding and more.

  • FREE FROM NASTIES - 100% gentle – free from nasties such as dyes, enzymes, optical brighteners and perfumes.

  • VEGAN FRIENDLY - natural and non-biological (enzyme free), made from plant and mineral based ingredients.

  • BIODEGRADABLE – helping preserve our environment. Effective washing at low temperatures.

  • BAMBINO MIO – A money-saving, planet-friendly choice!

Let us know what you think!

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