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Community Questions - Toddler turned into a fussy eater

'My little one has turned into the fussiest eater after being so into her food?'

This is such a common question we get asked by the Carol App community, and we have been there! Fussy eating is different for every little one, for some it can be immediate and for others it gradually come up over a longer period of time. We hear so often that some little ones who were amazing with weaning and tried anything become fussy eaters as they move towards toddlerhood and suddenly don't want anything you offer them!

Although this can feel stressful, please know that this is a normal stage of your little ones' development and most do grow out of it. But while your in it, it can feel exhausting and stressful - we've been there!

There are a few things to look out for before you give your little one their meal. These include making sure they aren't too full up on milk or snacks, aren't overtired and aren't teething. These could all be contributing to your little one not wanting their meals and becoming fussier than before.

There are some things we can do to help improve your child's appetite at mealtimes and make sure they are eating their food.

- Eat with your little one as often as you can

- Reduce the portion size of the meal and make sure it's realistic for your child

- Keep mealtimes as calm as possible

- Avoid distractions at mealtimes including the TV/iPad/Books. Try to get your child to focus on the food in front of them.

- Avoid making alternatives if the meal is pushed to the side.

- Try to make mealtimes as fun as possible and focus on the positive behaviours and encourage their behaviour when they are eating well.

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