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Community Questions - Newborn Toys?

"I have a 4 week old and want to get her some toys - please can you share some newborn toys that you would suggest?"

Absolutely - it's so exciting when you start getting your little one some toys to explore with, and how quick they go from sleeping all day to starting to be interested in the world around them! The best newborn toys that we have used for our little ones:

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly - From 0-6 Months, this toy is great to clip onto the pram, lots of bright colours and sensory aspects to the toy and is a very popular newborn toy!

Baby Einstein - Star Bright - This toy is also suitable from birth. The star plays music, has sensory elements, can be attached to the pram and is great for little ones!

Sophie la Giraffe - Sophie la Giraffe is a great toy that your little one can grab onto, as well as being a teether that your little one can chew on!

Bright Starts O Ball - One of the most popular toys for newborns is the O Ball. The colours are bright, it's easy for babies to grab onto and is also great for teething as well as being very affordable!

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