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Community Questions - Potty Training Tips?

"My daughter is almost 3 and is showing signs of wanting to use her potty, do you have any advice on potty training and what you would recommend that worked?"

Potty training can be a tricky one and it's likely you've heard some horror stories from family or friends who have successfully potty trained! Here are some tips that helped us when our little ones were showing signs of being ready for potty training - remember every child is different and will be ready at different stages!

We want to make potty training as fun and engaging as possible without making the process feel stressful. There are some Potty Training products which can help with this:

We also want to make sure we aren't rushing our little ones - from our experiences, it's much quicker to potty train a child that shows signs than one that doesn't and it can actually be a much longer process if your little one isn't ready. Focus on day-time at first and then night time - consider removing the night time nappy after you both have the day-time figured out.

We would recommend staying at home/staying very close by to home for 3-5 days for consistency, making sure they aren't wearing a nappy and have their potty training pants on - when your child has an accident, we want to stay calm and positive and make them feel that they are doing great - remember that this is a big change for them. We want to keep a close eye on them and when they show signs of needing the toilet, put them straight on the potty and be reassuring and comforting for them. This also links to noticing patterns in their toilet habits, after a few days you will notice a pattern which can help you to be more prepared with getting them to the potty in time. Support your child to notice any signs that they may need the toilet but try not over ask - this can actually have a counter productive effect.

Every child really is different but taking time to really be present with your little one over a series of days and having consistency can help them to succeed with their potty training journey!

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