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Community Questions - Rent Baby Products

"We are going away with our daughter this summer and we want to take a travel pram and a few other baby bits with us that we don't have ourselves but will need while we are away, is there any baby product rental companies you could recommend?"

This is such a good question! It's so true that there are certain things you would rather have whilst away but maybe don't need day-to-day whilst at home. There is a company called Baboodle who we would recommend you check out. Baboodle offers flexible baby equipment rentals for UK parents and they have so many great products to rent for your trip including the Yoyo Babyzen which is perfect for travelling, baby carriers and so many other products.

Renting baby equipment for your trip is so much more cost effective than buying the products that you may only use a handful of times. Definitely check out Baboodle and enjoy your trip!

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