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Community Questions - Toddler Activities!

"Can any of you mums please share any activities to entertain my 2 year old as well as encourage their development? We try to avoid too much screen time and looking for sensory type activities to keep him busy!"

We're right there with you, most of the Carol App Team also have toddlers too! We've compiled a list of our favourite activities to keep our toddlers entertained, so hopefully this helps!

Toddlers love sensory activities! There are a number of sensory activity packs on amazon that we have found brilliant for making activities from - some of our favourites are:

The Arts and Crafts activity box is great as you can get some plain white paper, get some of the items out, pens and glitter and let your little one explore with the colours, textures and sit with them whilst they explore!

Another activity we do to keep our toddlers entertained is we have also set up a little paint area at home with a cloth covering the floor - some A3 paper and some paint and let our little ones explore the paint colours and create some art work! This has kept the little ones entertained for a long period of time - it's also a great activity to get one of your friends and their little ones over for them to do together - make sure you dress them in clothes you don't mind getting paint on!

Building blocks also go down really well and can keep the little ones entertained for longer period of time too and is much less messy! These blocks from amazon are a big hit with our toddlers and they use them every day! Another brilliant activity is the magnetic tiles - we recently discovered them after playing with them at a friends house and our son is hooked! Also much less messy than paints/ felt tips!

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