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Community Questions - Toddler Naps.

'My 2 year old is dropping his nap and it's down to only a few times a week and he won't go down in his cot either, it has to be in his pram! When are toddlers meant to drop their naps? I'm worried it's too soon but he also sleeps all through the night 7-7am so think maybe he is ready?'

When your toddler stops taking their naps in the afternoons it can be quite a shock especially if you have been using those few hours to get things done. Every child is different when it comes to stopping naps; as well as everything else! Generally by the age of four, toddlers tend to have stopped napping altogether and this could be gradual, quite sudden or as you are saying, reduced naps slowly from every day to a few times a week, then every few weeks etc.

There are certain signs that your toddler may show you when they are ready to reduce their naps and these include:

- If they have missed a nap - Your toddler goes throughout the afternoon content and not grumpy/overtired

- If they have missed a nap -They don't appear overtired at bed time and go down easily and quickly and sleep through (most of the time!)

- If they have had their nap and they wake very early in the morning, it may suggest that they weren't tired enough when they went to bed which could be due to their afternoon nap

- If they have had their nap and they struggle to fall asleep at bedtime, it could mean that they aren't tired and their naps needs reducing.

Every child really is different. As you said that your son sleeps really well at night 7-7am and seems content without his nap and not overtired, the reduction in his naps may be his natural progression so we would encourage you to read his cues and whether you think he does need a nap on certain days - let him lead and just notice his signs.

A tip that really worked for the Carol App Team when their toddlers were transitioning from naps everyday to a few times per week was to encourage 'Quiet Time' when they would usually have a nap. This could be reading a book with them, laying on the bed and cuddling with them for half an hour, putting on their favourite film for an hour - it will also give you a little rest too!!

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