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Community Questions - Transitioning from bottle to cup!

"We have been weaning our son and he has been showing signs of being interested in drinking from an open cup instead of his bottle, we have been letting him sip out of our cups with us holding it and he loves it - any tips on transitioning from a bottle to baby cup?"

When transitioning from a bottle to a cup, things that have worked for us with our little ones has been making sure that the cup is small enough for baby to grab on to so it isn't too heavy when full. We would also recommend not filling their cup too full to start with and guide them as much as they need. Positive reinforcement really does go a long way too, so lots of smiles, claps and telling them how well they are doing.

Babies also do a great job of watching you and copying, so making sure you are sitting with them and showing them how to hold the cup, how to drink from the cup, using both hands and gently putting the cup back down can help their modelling of behaviour for drinking from a sippy cup.

Some of our top sippy-cup brands for babies are:

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