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Community Questions - Travelling with 2 under 2!

"Can you share your tips for travelling abroad with 2 under 2? We have our first trip as a 4 in a few weeks..!"

Travelling abroad with two children under the age of two can seem challenging and a little overwhelming but here are some of our tips which will hopefully help!

  1. Our number 1 tip would be plan ahead: Make a detailed itinerary that includes your travel dates, flight details, accommodation arrangements, and a list of activities you want to do with your children at the destination you are heading to. Research child friendly activities, what the resort/city has to offer and what would keep your little ones entertained for an hour or so each day, whether that's a playground, kids club, stay and play at the hotel... We found having a well-planned schedule can help you to stay organised and make the most of your time abroad!

  2. Pack Wisely: Be strategic with your packing. Carry essentials like diapers, wipes, formula, snacks, and extra clothing in your carry-on bag. Don't forget to bring comfort items such as favourite toys or blankets to help your children feel secure and at ease during the journey. This moves into our next tip:

  3. Keep Essentials Handy: Have a well-stocked bag to hand with all the essentials easily accessible during travel days. Snacks, a couple of toys, books, activities to keep your children engaged and entertained during travel and downtime. Colouring books, and interactive games can be a lifesaver during long flights or car rides. Keeping essentials handy can help you handle unexpected situations quickly.

  4. Be Flexible: Understand that travelling with young children can be unpredictable. Be prepared to adjust your plans and try to let go of any expectations. Flexibility and patience will go a long way in ensuring a stress-free journey.

  5. Enjoy the Journey: Remember that travelling with your little ones is a precious opportunity to create lasting memories. Embrace the joy and wonder of exploring new places through their eyes and enjoy the journey together as a family.

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