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Community Questions - Weaning Books

"What were the weaning books that you used/use for your babies and toddlers? Which ones would you suggest to get? Thank you!"

There are so many different weaning books out there and figuring out which ones to get can be confusing, plus you don't want to buy every single one as it's costly and you won't have time to read them all! Here are the weaning books that we love and have used at Carol for our weaning journeys with our little ones.

'How to Wean Your Baby' - Charlotte Stirling-Reed - This book is brilliant, it really breaks down the process of weaning and we highly recommend it. Charlotte is a nutritionist and this book contains so much valuable information as well including her own experiences from weaning her own two children. The recipes are easy to make and also come with shopping lists and allergen awareness.

'Wean in 15' - Joe Wicks - This book contains 100 recipes from purees to finger foods to make your weaning journey that little easier. It has great tips for weaning, feeding routines and is easy to follow.

'What Mummy Makes' - Rebecca Wilson - This book is great and focuses on simple, easy and quick weaning recipes which are also easily adaptable. This book is a great starting point for weaning and provides many options for bulk cooking and freezing to save time.

'Ella's Kitchen: The First Foods Book' - This book offers 130 simple and easy to make recipes from the day you start weaning until your child turning 1. This book isn't the most in-depth weaning book but it does share some great recipes as well as advice and tips from other parents and nutritionists, too.

'Weaning Made Simple' - Annabel Karmel - Touted as the 'UK's Leading Children's Cookery Expert', Annabel's book definitely delivers. This book offers a great insight into weaning including balancing weaning with milk feeds, meal planners, portion guidance and allergy awareness. The recipes are easy to make, offering varied and nutritious meals for your little one.

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