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Community Questions - Weaning products!

"Hi, please could you share what weaning products you got for your babies when you started them on solids? I'm not sure what I need to get. (I'm on a budget too)"

There are definitely some products that we would suggest getting for when you start weaning your little one, but we would say that they are more for when your little one is a bit older and can hold and use cutlery themselves - although each to their own and if you'd rather get weaning products earlier then go for it!

The weaning products that we got for our little ones at the Carol office were baby/toddler cutlery and plates - we found that they kept our little ones entertained during mealtimes with the colours and as they were baby/ toddler safe, we felt comfortable with our children exploring with them!

There are so many different types of cutlery and plates for little ones, you can get suction plates to keep them in place which is very handy, you can get plates with dividers for separating different foods and there's many different colours to choose from too! There's many different cutlery options on the market too - silicone, BPA free plastic, different handle and grip styles - but here are our favourite brands for baby cutlery and plates to help keep the weaning journey fun and engaging!

bamboo bamboo suction bowl & spoon set - We loved this non-toxic weaning set from bamboo bamboo - we found it lasted a long time, was very easy to clean with the removable silicone, had a good suction onto our highchair meaning our little ones couldn't grab the whole bowl and launch food around the kitchen. The spoon has a soft silicone end and is very easy to use for spoon feeding and for little ones to grab and practice feeding themselves with too. This is our top weaning set!

Kiddaroo Weaning Set - This is another great weaning set - it comes with 6 products; (1) Suction Plate, (2) Suction Bowl, (3) Adjustable Weaning Bib, (4) Sippy Cup with Straw Lid, (5) Spoon and (6) Fork, and is great value for money. Not only this, but the silicone is BPA free, the plate and bowl have suction bottoms meaning they stay still during feeding time, and they are all very easy to clean! The spoon and fork are also great at getting your little one used to practicing holding them and using them to feed themselves. The divider plate is also great for separating different foods.

bebefant weaning set - This set also contains 6 products - 1) Three compartment baby plate with suction base, 2) Weaning bowl with suction base, 3) Cup with easy-grip handles, 4) Spoon with premium bamboo handle, 5) Fork with premium bamboo handle, 6) Adjustable bib with pockets. The divider baby plate is great for separating foods out, the silicone is BPA-free, the set is very easy to wash and it's also great value for money too!

In terms of just a baby weaning plate, the Linda's Essentials baby suction plate is good - very good value for money, very easy to clean, perfect for baby-led weaning and also has suction so stays still whilst your little one is exploring!

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