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Introducing a New Sibling: Real Stories from Carol's Mums

Thinking about how to best introduce your toddler to their new sibling? We get it. Having another little one on the way is a blessing and an exciting time but this question comes up a lot from our community - How should I introduce my children to their new sibling?

Introducing a new sibling can be a rollercoaster of emotions for your little ones already at home. But don't worry, we've gathered some real stories and advice from our community of mums to help you navigate this big transition. Let's dive in!

Involve Them: Let Your Toddler Help with Preparations

One of the best ways to prepare your toddler for a new sibling is to involve them in the preparations. Here's how some Carol mums did it:

- Nursery Setup: Sarah from Manchester let her toddler help choose the colour for the nursery. "It made him feel like he was part of something big and important," she says.

- Baby Shopping: Emily from London took her toddler along to pick out baby clothes and essentials. "She loved feeling the soft baby blankets and even chose a onesie," Emily shares.

- Doctor Visits: Some mums, like Fiona from Glasgow, found it helpful to take their toddler to a few antenatal appointments. "Seeing the baby on the screen made it more real for him," Fiona notes.

Special Gifts: Consider Giving Your Toddler a 'Big Sibling' Gift When the Baby Arrives

The arrival of a new baby often comes with lots of gifts and attention—mostly for the baby. To help your toddler not feel left out, consider giving them a 'big sibling' gift.

- Personalised Book: Claire from Cardiff gave her son a personalised 'big brother' book. "He was thrilled to see his name in a book and loved reading it to his new sister," she says.

- Big Sibling Kit: Rachel from Leeds put together a 'big sibling kit' that included stickers, a colouring book, and a disposable camera to take pictures of the new baby.

- Matching Outfits: "I got them matching outfits, and they looked so adorable together," shares Sophie from Birmingham.

Quality Time: Spend Some One-on-One Time with Your Toddler Both Before and After the New Arrival to Help Them Adjust

The arrival of a new baby can take up a lot of your attention, which could end up making your toddler feel a bit left out. Here's how some of the Carol mums managed to spend quality time with their firstborn:

- Pre-Baby Date: Laura from Bristol made it a point to have a 'date day' with her toddler before the baby arrived. "We went to his favourite park, had ice cream, and just enjoyed being together," she says.

- Post-Baby Inclusion: "After the baby arrived, I made sure to have some alone time with my toddler every day, even if it was just reading a book together for a few minutes," shares Hannah from Newcastle.

- Family Activities: "We started a family movie night tradition so that everyone feels included," says Zoe from Southampton.

Introducing a new sibling is a big change, but with a little preparation and advice shared with other mums, it can be a smooth transition for everyone involved. Remember, every family is different, so take what works for you and make it your own. You've got this!

What worked best for you? We'd love to hear from you! Email us with your tips on how you introduced your children to their new sibling!

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