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Product Round Up - Summer with the kids!

Our round-up of some of the products we are loving for little ones in the summer months!

Organic Zoo with the cutest outfits for little ones - the dungarees are adorable!

Doona Liki Trike is great as an alternative to the pram, making walks much more fun for your little one!

Mamas & Papas Garden Toys are perfect for days at home in the garden or to take to the beach!

Child's Farm Sunblock - This Roll-On SPF is great for kids with sensitive skin and eczema while still offering SPF 50 protection from the sun. It dries really quick, is super easy to apply and is an all round winner in our opinion!

Crocs - so good for running around in the warmer weather, they can get wet, are very easy to clean and so comfy!

EcoNaps Swim Nappies - The EcoNaps reusable swim nappies are great value for money (they currently have an offer of 2 swim nappies for £20!), have the cutest designs and have fit our little ones for much longer than other brands!

Yoyo2 BabyZen - one of our top products for kids from babies to toddlers. We love our Yoyo2! It's so easy to fold, is great for taking on trips and is so fuss-free.

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