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Skip the Nail Salon : This is The Nail Repair Serum You Need this Winter - 'This stuff is amazing!'

with thousand's of raving reviews!

The first ever bond-building nail serum with Patented Ulti-Plex Technology™!

No time to head to the nail salon? Us neither. Nails getting damaged from bottle washing and wipe use? Us too. This is why when we came across the OPI Nail Repair Mode Serum we immediately stocked up. The first ever bond-building nail serum with Patented Ulti-Plex Technology™ that penetrates the nail surface to build new bonds from within, the OPI Nail Repair Mode serum is a product that strengthens your nails without the need for a nail salon visit - we're sold!

'This stuff is amazing...would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to grow their nails.'

The OPI Nail Repair Serum is a game-changer for busy mums. It's a multi-benefit nail treatment designed to strengthen and restore your nails, all from the comfort of your home.

  1. Convenient Application: One of the standout features of the OPI Nail Repair Serum is its ease of use. It comes in a compact bottle with a convenient brush applicator, making it simple to apply even in the midst of your busy day. No need for nail appointments or long drying times.

  2. Strengthens and Repairs: Constant handwashing, dishwashing, and household chores can take a toll on your nails. The OPI Nail Repair Serum is specially formulated to strengthen and repair damaged nails. It contains essential ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium, known for their nail-strengthening properties.

  3. Promotes Healthy Growth: For mums who desire longer, healthier nails, this serum promotes natural nail growth. Say goodbye to brittle, chipped nails and hello to stronger, more resilient ones.

  4. Nourishing and Hydrating: The serum doesn't just repair; it also nourishes and hydrates your nails and cuticles. This is especially beneficial for mums whose hands endure frequent exposure to harsh chemicals and drying agents.

  5. Time-Efficient: Perhaps the most significant advantage of the OPI Nail Repair Serum is the time it saves. With just a few minutes each day or as needed, you can pamper your nails without leaving your home. It's a convenient way to maintain beautiful nails without the need for babysitters or scheduling conflicts.

How to Use OPI Nail Repair Serum: Using the serum is a breeze. Simply apply a thin coat to clean, dry nails and cuticles, and let it dry for a few minutes. You can use it alone or as a base coat under your favourite nail polish.

"So impressed by this product! I often have gel manicures and my nails have suffered being frail and peeling. This product sinks in super quickly and straight away, my nails felt stronger, smoother and moisturised After 6 days, the transformation is incredible! I use this regularly (once a day or so) now for maintenance on bare nails and also on regrowth if i’m using polish".

OPI recommend to apply the Repair Mode Serum 2 times a day on bare nails for 6 days for maximum efficacy. After 6 days, use Repair Mode™ once daily to combat Keratin breakdown caused by daily activities (such as hand washing). Use alongside Nail Envy® for the ultimate power pairing. With zero dry time, apply Repair Mode™ on the go or even before bed.

We know that as mums, finding time for self-care is can be challenging. The OPI Nail Repair Serum offers a practical solution for mums who want to maintain beautiful, healthy nails without having to head to the salon. Its' convenient application, nail-strengthening benefits, and ability to promote healthy growth make it a must-have in every mum's beauty beauty kit. So, treat yourself to a little self-care, because you deserve it, and your nails will thank you for it!


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