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Carol Recommends - Weleda Stretch Mark Oil

We absolutely loved this product during pregnancy. The Weleda Stretch Mark Oil claims to avoid the development of stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, breasts and it feels such a treat to use! The Stretch Mark Oil, which was development by doctors and midwives, contains a base of sweet almond oil and helps to nourish the skin keeping it supple and helping to reduce dryness. The Oil contains wheat germ which helps to refine your skin's texture whilst feeding it Vitamins E, D and A.

We can't say for sure that using this product is the reason we didn't get any stretch marks in our pregnancies, but we do believe that it helped and massaging the Oil into our skin helped to reduce tension, moisturise our skin and give ourselves some love. We recommend this oil to all our mums-to-be as we loved it that much!

For Use: It's recommend to gently massage the Oil into your skin once a day throughout your pregnancy and can be used postpartum too! Making sure you are massaging in a light, gentle motion over your stomach, breasts, bottom and thighs. You can always ask your midwife for the best way to apply the oil if you would like to.

It should also be noted that oils containing Arnica (such as this) should not be used on broken skin as they may cause irritation.


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