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Community Questions : Babies at 4 weeks : tummy time, feeding and keeping them entertained!

"Hi Mums! My LO is 4 weeks and wondered if you had any advice on how long to offer tummy time for? How long should I aim to be feeding him for? (I'm BF). And any tips on keeping them entertained? Thanks!"

We would suggest tummy time 3 times per day at 4 weeks old, for around 5 minutes at a time - but check with your health visitor as they may suggest otherwise for your little one. 3-4 times a day is what we aimed for with our babies, but every baby is different.

With regards to feeding, we would suggest feeding for around 30 minutes at a time, however this can change from baby to baby, especially as your milk is becoming more established and getting to know your babies rhythm. If you are BF, you may notice that your babies feeding time decreases as baby gets older - this doesn't necessarily mean that your supply is reducing, but that baby is becoming more efficient at feeding!

Keeping babies entertained at 4 weeks could look something like tummy time a few times per day for 5 minutes, playtime on an activity mat with you, lots of cuddles and kisses, reading books to them and of course lots of snuggles!

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