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Community Questions - Best bedside cribs.

"Hey! I'm due with my first in a couple months and we are looking at which is the best bedside crib for us to get! Do you have any recommendations?"

Bedside cribs are great for you to stay close to your newborn throughout the night and also makes it much easier for those night-time feeds! A bedside crib is a cot where one side can be removed/opened and you can very easily lift your little one out onto your chest for feeding or to help soothe them back to sleep. A bedside crib is a popular option for parents and there are a number of options available, with varying price points too! Not only this, but if you have had a C-Section, a bedside crib can be invaluable as it makes things much easier than having to get out of bed to lift your baby for a feed, change or to soothe them.

The safe sleep guidance from the NHS and The Lullaby Trust advises that your newborn stays in the same room as you for the first 6 months, but not in your bed due to the risk of overheating and suffocation.

Our recommendations for bedside cribs are:

  1. Snuzpod 4 Bedside Crib £159 - The Snuzpod has a light bassinet, can be used as a stand-alone crib, a bedside crib or a Moses basket, has a stylish look, has the ability to rock to help soothe your baby and has a number of different height positions!

  2. Tutti Bambini CoZee £159 - The Tutti Bambini can also be used as a stand-alone crib or a bedside crib. It contains a storage shelf below which is handy for wipes, nappies and is very easy to assemble!

  3. At the higher price bracket, there is the Snoo Smart Sleeper £1,195 - The Snoo is a much higher price point, and is regarded as a 'smart sleeper' crib. The Snoo connects to an app on your phone and has the ability to automatically rock, play white noise, soothe your baby and 'shush' without the need for you to get out of bed! The Snoo also comes with an integrated swaddle which helps to keep your baby in a safe sleep position during the night. The Snoo is also a stand-alone crib, not a bedside crib but is often used close by the bed.

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