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Community Questions - Cows' Milk Allergy!

"Does anyone have any advice on dealing with a cows' milk allergy? My son is 2 months and on Prescription Milk?"

This was the case for one of our little ones too - it sounds like you have seen your GP and have taken their advice on this by feeding your little one prescription milk and that's great - we would always recommend seeing your GP if you haven't already. With a cows' milk allergy (CMA), removing all cows' milk from your babies diet is recommended and scheduling appointments with your GP for checkups every 6 months or so to see whether your little one has grown out of their allergy or not. A CMA can also cause constipation - some things that worked for us to help with constipation were light stomach massage, the Windi, a warm bath and moving babies legs in a gentle bicycle motion.

CMA is one of the most common childhood food allergies, so please know you aren't alone in this!

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