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Community Questions - Dummies!

"What were your babies favourite dummies? Getting organised for the arrival of my baby boy and want to have some ready! Thank you."

Dummies were a total game changer for our babies here at Carol App - we didn't all use them as some of our little ones wouldn't take them, but for those babies that would, we found dummies to really soothe and comfort them, particularly for night time and naps.

It can be a challenge to choose the best dummy for your baby and is actually quite hard to determine as each baby will have a different preference, but here are the dummies our babies loved! We also found that once our baby had cottoned on to which dummy they liked, it was hard to change the brand/ dummy as they knew!

BiBS Soother - Our babies really took to the BiBS soothers - we really liked that they were a natural rubber latex and had a very nipple-like teat. We found the BiBS to be very comforting as well as being BPA and phthalates free. The BiBS are also nicer looking than most other brands we found!

Tommee Tippee Night Time Glow in the Dark- these dummies are also BPA-free silicone - they are great because if they go missing in the night and your toddler is crying out - you can easily find them as they are glow in the dark!

Chicco Physio Soft Soother - We found these dummies to be very hygienic as they are only made of one piece, unlike other dummies where dirt could hide between the handle and around the dummy centre. The Chicco Physio are ergonomic meaning that they are meant to be better for your little ones teeth - they are also loved by babies too!!

MAM Start Soothers - These dummies are great for 0-2 months, they are made with a very soft silicone, easy for babies to use and also look v cute!!

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