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Community Questions - Early wake-ups!

"Hi! My 6 month old has started waking up between 4-5am every morning - has this happened to you and how did you get them sleeping longer in the mornings?"

Yes this has happened to us for sure! Early wake ups are tough, especially if they begin with a 4! Sometimes it could be a phase, and last a few days, but if it's happening for a longer period of time, some things you could look at are:

- Routine - Try to keep your little one consistent with their naps and bedtime as much as possible. Try to make sure your little one isn't napping too late in the evening and therefore close to bedtime.

- Try using a white noise machine if you aren't already - make sure that you can hear it from outside the room so that you know it's loud enough.

- Check the temperature of the room - you want the bedroom to be a cool temperature around 20-22'C.

- Try to keep your little one in their cot until 'wake up time' - so letting them doze, kick about and not feeling like you need to immediately get them out of their cot once you know that they are awake.

Hope that helps!

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