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Community Questions - Finding yourself after having a baby.

"Do you have any tips for feeling like 'me' again after having my baby? My son is 5 months and I can sometimes start to feel a little more like myself, but need a little more advice to get there."

Becoming a mum brings about such a life altering shift. All of a sudden life is so different to how you once knew it and it can bring a lot of overwhelm. It's important to remember that there is no one way of doing things, be gentle and kind to yourself and find what works best for you. You know what's best for your baby, your family and yourself.

If you feel like you need some professional advice on navigating the postpartum period, please reach out to your GP, Midwife and/or Health Visitor. You do not need to go through this alone.

  1. Try to get outside every day, even for 10 minutes. Fresh air helps to clear your mind and can also help with baby's sleep pattern too (which is a bonus!). Putting a podcast on and going for a walk is a really good way to shift any negative feelings you may be experiencing and a good light hearted podcast always helps!

  2. Find your community. Meeting other mums who are going through something similar helps you to know that you aren't alone in this journey of Motherhood. Although it can feel lonely, joining groups and chatting with other mums reminds you that there are so many other mums in the same boat as you.

  3. Try to take some time out for yourself. I know this is easier said than done, but even 5 minutes can have so many benefits. Having a bath, waking up 10 minutes earlier so you have some time to have a coffee in peace, putting a face mask on - whatever your thing is, try to take some time for yourself, it really is a game changer. Remember a happy mum = a happy baby.

  4. Try to let go. We have high expectations of ourselves as mums but when we have little ones, having unrealistic expectations of how things should be can cause you a whole host of stress, especially when every day is different. Often things don't 'go to plan' when you have a little one; cue refusing naps, being too distracted to feed etc.., and letting go and going with the flow more really helps you to relax when things don't go as expected. Little ones are unpredictable and by removing the pressure of how we think things should look/be and by accepting what is, we allow ourselves to become happier and more relaxed.

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