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Community Questions - Floor Beds

"Do you have any suggestions for floor beds? I'm pregnant with my second but my 2 year old still needs cuddles to go to sleep so wanting to get him a floor bed to make it easier for all of us!"

Floor beds are great as your little one gets older and are becoming increasingly more popular. They are especially great for still supporting your toddler to fall asleep and then slowly leaving the bed without them realising. There are a few things to note with floor beds - we want to make sure that the entire space is baby proofed including hiding plugs, the bed shouldn't be next to/cover a radiator, remove all choking or potentially dangerous toys from the room, making sure all windows in the room are secured shut and making sure no cupboards/drawers could fall and ideally a baby gate on the bedroom with the floor bed in and place the bed away from walls or furniture, ideally in the middle of the room, so your little one doesn't become trapped if they roll during their sleep - more information can be found on the Lullaby Trust website for safe sleep, we just wanted to highlight this! Floor beds mean that your little one can get out of bed and explore their surroundings freely.

Floor beds give little ones confidence and sleep independence and come from the Montessori style of principles.

In terms of suggestions for floor beds:

Strictly Beds and Bunks - This floor bed is very god value for money. You can paint the bed yourself or leave it natural and it's very easy to assemble. The bed doesn't come with a mattress so that will need to be bought separately.

VidaKL Solid Pine Wood Kids Bed - This bed is recommended for over 4 year olds, and is a great option for a floor bed. Easy to assemble, affordable and also looks cute!

You can also find some great options at Bedoo for floor beds.

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