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Community Questions - Getting back to sleep after a night time feed.

"Do you have any advice for falling back to sleep after a middle of the night feed?"

This is such a common question we get sent regularly. We know what it's like after you've just finished feeding your little one and neither of you seem to be able to get back to sleep or your little one gets back to sleep only to wake a few hours later and you're still wide awake!

Some tips that have worked for us include:

- As little stimulation as possible for the middle of the night feeds - dim lights - a himalayan salt lamp is what we used and would recommend. A white noise machine can help to keep the mood relaxed and potentially help with you falling back to sleep after feeding too.

- Try to limit screen time for the middle of the night feeds - this will make it harder for you to fall back to sleep as your mind will get going and keep you awake for longer.

- Keep hydrated but try to avoid eating as this can also keep you awake for longer, particularly if it's a sugary snack!

Hope that helps!

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