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Community Questions - Manual Breast Pumps

"I'm due with my first in 8 weeks and wondered if you could help with which manual breast pump I should get?"

Absolutely! We have all returned to work after having our little ones and all used different manual breast pumps to keep our supply up. Manual breast pumps are great as not only are they more affordable than electric pumps, but they enable you to determine how you want to pump with much more control.

The manual breast pumps recommended by the Carol App Team are:

Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump - this pump is comfortable, simple to use, lightweight and easy to carry out and about. The milk gets collected straight into a Tommee Tippee bottle which is very handy and it's very easy to clean too!

The Elvie Curve - a little more expensive, but the Elvie Curve can be worn discreetly, can be used whilst breastfeeding on your other breast, is comfortable and easy to carry out and about with you!

Haaka Manual Breast Pump - The Haaka is very affordable, fuss free, very popular, easy to clean and easy to take with you on the go. The Haaka isn't as discreet as the Elvie if this is something that's important to you, but it's brilliant and simple to use!

MAM Manual Breast Pump - We are big fans of MAM here at Carol, we find their products long lasting, good quality and good value for money and their manual breast pump is no exception. The MAM breast pump enables you to pump directly into a MAM bottle.

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