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Community Questions - NCT Classes

"What are NCT classes? Do I need to do them before I have my son?"

A prenatal NCT class is a type of antenatal class specifically designed for expectant mothers and partners to attend during pregnancy. These classes typically cover topics such as the physiology of pregnancy and birth, pain relief options during labour, coping mechanisms, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, and postnatal care for mother and baby.

Prenatal NCT classes are intended to provide parents with information and support during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as to help them build a network of other parents going through similar experiences. The classes may be held in person or online.

NCT classes are very popular and there are a number of different companies that offer them, this may vary depending on where you live. The NCT classes that we attended ourselves were the Bump & Baby Club classes which we would highly recommend. It is completely upto you whether you choose to attend an NCT class or not, we found them invaluable especially being first time parents and we made some great friends through the classes!

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