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Community Questions - Newborn Sleep

'Does anyone have any tips on how to get better sleep with a newborn?'

There are a few habits that you can implement into your routine to help you and your baby sleep better at night. Recommendations from the Carol App community are:

- Try to keep the night time as relaxing as possible. This includes speaking in a softer voice, using minimal light - a night light is often a great idea - and could help with mum and baby falling back to sleep once both have been woken up for a feed or to settle baby.

- Read a book when feeding rather than scrolling your phone - many mums have said that this has helped with falling back to sleep much easier than if they have been scrolling their phone - especially as there is no blue light in your book!

- Make sure that you have all that you may need during the night next to you in bed. This can reduce the need to walk from room to room and makes it much easier for you, especially during the night time hours!

- A number of mums have said that they notice their newborn sleeps better at night if they have had some fresh air during the afternoon. Taking your little one for a walk outside during the afternoon is therefore a good idea, not only to help with babies sleep at night, but also for mum to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

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