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Community Questions - Teething tips!

"Hey! Can you share any advice on teething and helping to soothe my baby when she's going through it?"

Teething is tough when you're in it and it can really feel like it's going to go on forever! Here are some tips and advice that has helped us soothe our little ones as they were teething from being small babies to toddlers - remember every baby will get their teeth through at different times and that has been the same for us at Carol App!

Teething toys - there are many brilliant teething toys on the market - teething rings, Sophie the teething giraffe, Matchstick Monkey Teething toy - and it's worth trying one of these if you haven't already.

Rubbing babies gums - this is often recommended. With a clean fingertip, softly rub babies gums with your finger for a few minutes, in circular motions.

If your baby is over 6 months old and is moving onto solid foods, you could give them some food to chew on such as a small piece of soft melon which could help to soothe their teething.

There are teething gels on the market but being totally honest, none of them worked for us! We have used the Weleda Chamomile teething granules and they did seem to offer a slight relief, but nothing enough for us to say it's a must have!

We did find our sons' dummy was a comfort for him when he was teething and would be more needy of it around those times, so we would say that this did help him find a little comfort.

Lots of cuddles for your little one, playing games, distractions and getting outside also helps! Good luck mama, we've all been there with you!

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